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Tickets Now Live!!!...

This is a non-profit event with all proceeds to be donated to charities and organisations contributing to the conference including, Education for Choice, English Collective of Prostitutes, Genesis Leeds & Scarleteen. To find out more about what to expect check out our programme. Anyhow to get signed up scroll down!

Step 1 Get on the conference register

Step 2 - Get your tickets!

(Go to step 3 if you already have tickets)

Tickets are sold at 3 rates. The middle priced tickets are standard, the £0 tickets are for those with little funds, and the higher tier is for superheros who want to give an extra donation.

To buy your tickets you need to:
  1. join luu.org.uk or if you're a current Leeds Uni student, just sign in
  2. go to the femsoc page
  3. click 'shop'
  4. add your Saturday ticket to the basket
  5. click 'shop' again
  6. add your Sunday ticket
  7. go to check out (new window)
  8. follow instructions for any payments
  9. yay you should now have tickets!!

Step 3 Get a membership to the after party venue

Wharf Chambers is a co-operative club in Leeds, and an amazing venue. To attend our after party there you'll need a membership, which is only £1, payable on the door. However, you need to have applied it at least 48 hours before attending. If you you ain't already a member, don't worry, you can apply here...


You're 100% ready for the conference!